Sunday, February 20, 2005

Fumento on Mental Illness

From an interview with science writer Michael Fumento on

John Hawkins: Is there any junk science that you believe conservatives in particular tend to go in for?

Michael Fumento: I've written recently about the conservative aversion to the diagnosis of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and I've also found myself defending anti-depressants. Conservatives who haven't been exposed to these diseases in some way tend to have a tremendous prejudice against drugs that treat them because they think the drugs are overriding human nature. Actually, that's exactly what they are doing but on a personal level and in a good way. It's natural for a broken bone to heal wrong; it's unnatural to set it and pin it in place until it heals. This prejudice is all quite strange really, because conservatives are by their nature anti-Freudian. They knew way back when that this guy was essentially a dirty old man who thought everything was rooted in one's feelings towards one's mother. The medicines have replaced Freud and yet still conservatives resist the medicines. But I think as we refine our ability to show mental disease with MRIs and other imaging devices that more and more conservatives will realize that mental illness is as much a disease as cancer or congestive heart failure.


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