Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Marijuana Study: So What?

"Marijuana has a long-term effect on blood flow to the brain, potentially increasing the risk of memory damage and stroke, research finds. The National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore found users have faster blood flow in their brains—even after a month of not smoking. The findings suggest marijauna use narrows blood vessels, in way similar to that found in heart disease. Details of the study are published in the journal Neurology."

So reports the BBC News here. Maybe it's true; maybe the study is bunk. ("The researchers tested 54 marijuana users, who smoked between two and 350 [!] joints a week, and 18 non-smokers.") What few readers of the story will appreciate is this: the findings should have nothing to do with government policy.

Hat tip: Keith Halderman.


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