Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hush! Don't Say That!

From the Guardian, February 4:

"Campaigners condemned the publication yesterday of research which suggests that heroin can be taken over a long period without destroying people's lives.

"Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University identified 126 long-term heroin users in the city who were not experiencing the health and social problems normally associated with the drug. Some were in good jobs and well-educated. They included a chef, a computer analyst and a plumber....

"But Alistair Ramsay of the campaign group Scotland Against Drugs said it was not helpful that the findings were getting so much publicity.... 'The message we would want to put out is that heroin is a very dangerous drug. You don't know where you are going to end up ... they all start out believing they can manage it. The people in the study might be halfway to the stage of bottoming out. We just don't know.'

"When asked about the executive's funding of the study, Jack McConnell, Scotland's first minister, said it was important to research drug use. But he was vehement in his condemnation of heroin. 'I oppose any use of heroin. I condemn it and I want us to take a firm stand and send a very clear signal.'"

Full story here.

Hat tip: Ralph Raico.


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A copy of the original Heroin report can be had here:



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