Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why Smoking is Good for Houston

After months of debate, a ban (effective September 9) was placed on smoking in indoor dining areas.


When City Councilman Michael Berry voted against the recent smoking ban, he said, "If you don't like smoking restaurants, don't go to them. What we heard over and over again, and it disturbs me, is this notion that 'I want to go to [someone's restaurant], and I want to tell him how to serve me on my terms,' which is 'I want you to serve me with no smoke,' even though he wants to serve those people who smoke."

There were plenty of nonsmoking restaurants in this city before the ban... The owners of these places made the decision to not allow smoking, just like other owners chose to let people light up. Now the decision's been made for all of them.


What we are suggesting is that City Council overstepped its bounds by enacting the smoking ban, placing the success of the hospitality industry and its workers in jeopardy, all the while ignoring the social benefits of smoking as well as a slew of more pressing issues. Kids shouldn't take up smoking, but when it comes to rational adults, we think choice is a good thing.

Call us crazy.

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At 4:43 PM, Blogger Nicolas Martin said...

Indianapolis Star
May 23, 2005

Smoking ban passes council

The City-County Council on Monday night approved a ban on smoking in many restaurants and workplaces.

After two years of debate and revisions, Monday's meeting featured little discussion and a bipartisan 18-9 vote in favor of the ban. Two members of the 29-member council were absent.

Included in the ban are restaurants and bars that allow people under 18 inside. Some establishments now must decide whether to limit access to those 18 and older as a way to remain exempt from the smoking ban.

"This is what the community wants. This is what the community has asked for," said Democrat Angela Mansfield, the sponsor of the proposal.


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