Wednesday, March 16, 2005

To Lie or Not to Lie

From the Associated Press:
Bradenton, Florida—A Longboat Key psychologist has been sentenced to ten weekends in jail for lying on forms to involuntarily commit a griping neighbor who later died.

Holli Bodner had a yearlong feud with Jean Pierre Villar about street lights and dog poop before committing him to a mental health center in April 2003.

A prosecutor and Villar's family contend Bodner's action contributed to her 41-year-old neighbor's death from a blood clot last November. She pleaded no contest to a perjury charge and says she didn't mean any harm.

Erika Villar says her husband suffered from chronic pain after Manatee County sheriff's deputies aggravated a work-related back injury when they forced him into a squad car during the commitment process.

Question: What’s the difference between “lying” and not “lying” on a commitment form?

Hat tip: Joe Rose.


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